Action Consensus

The action consensus is an agreement between all participants of this action, about how we will act together during Folk mot fossilgas. Anyone who reads and agrees with our action consensus is welcome to take part in Folk mot fossilgas.

The action consensus of Folk mot fossilgas

On September 6-8th, we, ordinary people, will gather to disrupt the expansion of fossil gas imports through mass civil disobedience. The terminal that is planned in the Port of Gothenburg is clear evidence that Sweden, Europe and the world still do not take the climate threat seriously. Instead of investing in 100% renewables, infrastructure and extraction for fossil gas are being planned and built around the world, including in the port of Gothenburg. Coal and oil are replaced by a new fossil fuel that continues to hold the world in the grip of the fossil industry. We, ordinary people, will not allow this to happen, neither in Gothenburg, Sweden or in any other place in the world.

Our tactic is an openly advertised mass action with different possibilities for participation. As long as fossil gas expansion continues, actions like this will take place and resistance will grow.

Whether you already have participated in actions before or not, we want to enable you to be part of Folk mot fossilgas. Trainings will therefore be held so that you can prepare and participate on a level that suits you. If affinity groups decide to continue after the official action’s goal is achieved, Folk mot fossilgas support structures will decide whether and how they can support these groups.

In the action, we will behave calmly and carefully and we will show with our bodies show that we do not accept the construction of a fossil gas terminal. We will not expose any person to danger or let us be provoked by the security forces; we will flow past or through any police or guardian lines without using violence. It is not our aim to destroy or damage any infrastructure, but we will not let any structural obstacles stand in our way. The safety of everyone present at the action is our highest priority.

We who participate in the action come from different movements and parts of the political spectrum. Together, we take joint responsibility for ensuring that the action is successful and safe for everyone who takes part in it. We believe that a successful fight against climate change in the long term requires social and economic sustainability. Therefore, our movement stands together with others who fight for an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable and a just society. In our action, there is room for everyone to be themselves and we want to be norm-critical and intersectional in our work. Would I find that I do not understand an injustice that another person / community group is exposed to in or in connection with the action, it is my responsibility to learn more.

We stand in solidarity with all those who suffer from climate change and those who are struggling against the fossil gas, coal and oil industries and the social and ecological consequences that these industries are guilty of. We oppose the use of the climate struggle for reactionary and nationalist goals.

The languages of Folk mot fossilgas

The languages spoken during the action gatherings will mainly be Swedish and English. If you are not comfortable in these languages, make sure you have someone by your side who is. If you want to offer translations on site to enable more people to participate, get in touch! (via