Recommended voluntary camp donation

The action will provide participants with food, keep the camp lit during the night for increased safety, provide toilets and wash basins, as well as the possibility for everyone to charge their cell phones. All of this work is non-profit work done by volunteers, but a lot of materials will need to be rented. Your donation means a lot for the camp organisation!

It is voluntary to give a donation, but we encourage everyone who has the economic possibility to act in solidarity and donate the recommended sum of 200 SEK (ca 20 EUR). You can give this in cash (preferably in SEK, but EUR is also ok), or transfer it before or after the action.

If you have a Swedish bank, you can use Swish and donate to the Swish number 1231600063. Please label your donation with “Fossilgas” or “Folk mot fossilgas” so that the money will reach us!

If you have any questions about the camp donation, please reach out to the finance team: