This is a call for the largest disobedient climate action yet in Sweden.

Join us for a disobedient mass action on September 6-8th 2019!
It’s time to stop the European fossil gas expansion.

We are a network of activists with different backgrounds, from different movements, coming together to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
We are part of the bigger climate justice movement.
We are people against fossil gas.
We are Folk mot fossilgas.

And we welcome you to join us.


In Scandinavia’s largest port (Port of Gothenburg), the company Swedegas is building an import terminal for fossil gas (LNG Göteborg). They want to connect the terminal to the Swedish gas grid, which would create a lock-in for fossil fuels dependency for the coming 40 years. A terrible idea!

The Swedish government is expected to make a decision this fall – to allow or to stop these fossil gas imports. We can’t rely on them to make the right decision. We need to claim the power of the people.


Folk mot fossilgas is a mass direct action. We will be many and we will be unstoppable. 
Folk mot fossilgas is disobedient. We will not hesitate to break the law to protect the environment and our future. 
Folk mot fossilgas is non-violent. We will not put anybody in danger or allow ourselves to be provoked by the police. The safety of all people in and around the action is of highest priority.

Anyone who reads and agrees with our action consensus is welcome to take part in Folk mot fossilgas.


Gothenburg, Sweden.


September 6-8th, 2019.


We call on anyone who wants to act for climate justice, and who agrees with the action consensus, to join us!
We encourage people to come from other countries to join as well.

How can I help already?

  • First of all, make sure to join us – mark Sept 6-8th in your calendar or memory
  • Connect with the people in your community, arrange to go together and contact us to let us know the happy news – you’re coming!
  • Help us spread the word in your city. Maybe you have experience with action training and can organize a training in your community? Or you might be able to arrange an info meeting? We will be super happy for international connections! Contact  mobi_folkmotfossilgas@protonmail.com
  • Do you want to support our comms work, on social media or in touch with international press? Reach out to media_folkmotfossilgas@protonmail.com

Sign up for updates

There will be open meetings, trainings, banner painting etc. in the weeks leading up to the event. And as the action draws nearer, it’s crucial that information reaches as many as possible about accommodation, food and scheduling. Even if you’ll be in another location and helping out from behind a screen, you’ll get the info you need.

If you agree with us, but are unsure how you want to participate – sign up! We’ll make sure you get to join the ride up until September and learn all you need to know.

(PS – Make sure to respond “Yes” to whether you want email updates from Fossilgasfällan. These are the updates we’ll be sending you, thanks to Fossilgasfällan for lending us their platform.)​

A warm welcome to Gothenburg and to Folk mot fossilgas!