Livestreamed infomeeting in English- POSTPONED

Date: Tuesday August 27th

Time: 7-8:30 pm

Place: Anywhere

MEETING POSTPONED- Because of technical difficulties the meeting tonight is canceled. It will be recorded tomorrow instead and posted on the website and on our Youtube channel. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Activists from all over Europe are preparing for the first mass action for the climate in Sweden. This is your chance to get the info you´ve been missing and to ask questions to a team of activists.

You´ll need a computer or smartphone, internet connection and headphones. The infomeeting will be livestreamed at the Youtube channel Folk mot fossilgas

As an activist you don’t know exactly what will happen during the action, but you should still be able to feel safe. That’s why it is important to be well prepared and well informed!

At the info meeting we will talk about:
• The background to the action and why this is the perfect time to act!
• The idea behind civil disobedience and why it is a useful tool in the fight for a sustainable future
• What definition of non-violence is the basis of the action
• Logistics of the action
• Last but absolutely not least how you can get involved! Folk mot fossilgas is an action created by volunteer activists from different groups and you are very welcome to bring your experience and knowledge! Only together can we make a we make a difference.

For questions about the info meeting contact

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