PRESS RELEASE. “Folk mot fossilgas”: Activists and citizens are ready for Sweden’s largest civil disobedience action to date

On September 6-8 several hundred people from Sweden and other countries will gather in Gothenburg to stop the city’s planned fossil gas terminal. Folk mot fossilgas  (“People Against Fossil Gas”) will likely be the largest civil disobedience action for the climate in Sweden to date, and consists of three parts: a civil disobedience action; a support demonstration on Saturday; and a camp in Gothenburg city from Friday to Sunday.

– We need to act for both people and the climate when we see new fossil infrastructure being built in 2019. The climate crisis is here. The fossil gas expansion is here. But so, too, is the resistance, says Jennie Nyberg, spokesperson for Folk mot fossilgas.

The action is aimed against the fossil gas terminal “LNG Göteborg”, which is currently awaiting the Swedish government’s approval to connect to the Swedish gas grid. An approval would lock Sweden in to another 40 years of importing and utilising fossil gas [1]. This, at a time when both the Amazon and the Arctic are on fire, is when Sweden and the world quickly need to decrease their emissions of greenhouse gases.

This action is inspired by other successful international actions against the fossil fuel industry, for example Ende Gelände in Germany [2]. International interest is big and participants from countries affected by similar infrastructure and by the consequences of the extraction of fossil fuels will be in Gothenburg for the mass action.

-We’re here to show that resistance to fossil gas infrastructure is growing across Europe. Decisions are being made about our fuel security that serve industry and government aims, but they are not what people want. We’re facing an unprecedented climate catastrophe. We can’t afford to get locked into dependence on the very fuel that is driving the crisis. And as this is a global crisis, we need to come together to oppose this industry, says Anne Marie Harrington, founding member of Futureproof Clare, an Irish organisation campaigning against the building of Shannon LNG, a proposed fracked gas terminal in the Shannon Estuary.


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[1] Energimarknadsinspektionens yttrande över LNG Göteborg, 2018.


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