International Solidarity Against Fossil Gas Terminals

This is a solidarity statement signed by groups across the world standing behind us.

“On September 6-8th 2019, Folk mot fossilgas (People Against Fossil Gas) are taking action to stop the new planned fossil gas terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We stand in solidarity with Folk mot fossilgas, united against any new fossil gas terminals.
Gas is usually transported via pipelines. Fossil gas terminals allow gas to be transported around the world in liquid form, on ships (1). Industry calls this LNG – liquid “natural” gas. People are resisting such terminals from Mozambique to Ireland, from Texas to Indonesia, and much more.

We stand united against fossil gas terminals because they are a disaster for communities and for the climate. 
A new wave of fossil gas terminals is planned on coastlines all over the world. This would allow the fossil fuel industry to ship gas to wherever markets are most economically interesting, creating a more global free market for gas. This supports neo-colonial structures. Countries like Germany and France, who have banned fracking domestically, are supporting the construction of new fossil gas terminals and investing in the import of fracked gas. This way, they profit and benefit from extractivism in the Global South, from the same communities who are also more likely to be on the frontlines of climate change impacts. Countries like Sweden (2) who claim they are going fossil free, are not doing so in practice by building fossil gas terminals on their coastlines.

We stand with local communities suffering from the impacts of fossil gas terminals.
Communities are displaced and ignored, and livelihoods destroyed. Ecosystems upon which local people depend are often threatened by new liquid gas projects (3).

We stand against any public money and political support going to new fossil gas terminals.
Fossil gas terminals are expensive fossil fuel infrastructure, which would have to function for decades to make investments worthwhile. In this ongoing climate crisis there is no space for any new fossil fuel projects.

We reject false solutions like liquefied fossil gas and demand real, just energy solutions.
The fossil fuel industry is trying to sell gas as a climate solution. However, significant amounts of CO2 are emitted when gas is burnt and methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas, leaks all along the supply chain, at extraction, transportation, and when gas is being used. Methane leaks are alarmingly high with liquified gas. This is extremely dangerous to our climate; methane is 86 times more potent than CO2 in the first 20 years in our atmosphere.

Continued use of fossil gas, particularly liquefied fossil gas, is incompatible with a livable planet. We demand just and fair renewable energy systems.

In solidarity,

The Gastivists, International

Food & Water Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe 

NOAH Friends of The Earth, Denmark

The Hague Fossil Free, The Netherlands

Ung Vänster, Sweden

Breakfree Suisse, Switzerland

Academia Cidadã / Citizenship Academy, Portugal

Klimakollektivet, Denmark

Fossilgasfällan, Sweden

Physicians for Social Responsibility, Philadelphia Chapter, US

Physicians for Social Responsibility, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, US

Physicians for Social Responsibility, New Mexico Chapter, US

Physicians for Social Responsibility, US

Rogue Climate, Oregon, US

Plataforma Resposta al Midcat, Catalonia

Fridays For Future Hamburg, Germany

Fridays For Future Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

NoTAP Belgium

Les Amis de la Terre, France

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Europe

Bod Obratu, Slovakia

KRuHA (People’s Coalition for the Right to Water), Indonesia

Zelena akcija /FoE Croatia

Debt Observatory in Globalisation (ODG), Catalonia

NGO Eko Kvarner, Croatia

System Change, not Climate Change! Austria

and more…

(1) Gas liquefied at an export terminal, transported on ships, and regassied at an import terminal.
(2) Sweden to become world’s first fossil-fuel free nation, William Brittlebank, ClimateAction, 2015.
(3) New Fossil Gas Terminals; Profits Over People. Kjell Kühne and Naomi Kreitman, Gastivists, 2019.