How does wellbeing fit into the picture?

Amongst us activists, who fight for change in our society, burn-out and exhaustion is scarily common. We see our fellow activists sacrifice their health through extensive engagement in questions our hearts beat so strong for. It often feels impossible to take a break and our wellbeing falls so far down the priority list that many of us almost feel ashamed to “take care of ourselfs” when the world is so full of injustices. Working this way isn’t sustainable and it usually falls apart after a short period of time. Every time an activist burn out it’s a huge issue, not just for that person, but for the entire movement since it’s haemorrage its power – us. To build a sustainable, effective and vital movement, we need healthy activists who can keep up the change making work over a long period of time. Besides the fact that everyone deserves to feel well, we have much greater chances to reach the society we want to see and fight for, if we take care of ourselfs along the way!

What does the wellbeing group do?

– People in the wellbeing tent at camp from Friday 12pm to Sunday 7pm where activists can get mental support before and efter the action.

– Workshop about “sustainable activism – wellbeing before action” on Friday.

– Medical personnel and supportive people on the field during the action.  

– Workshop about “sustainable activism – wellbeing afteraction” on Sunday.                                   

– Offering the possibility for activists to get support, if needed, a few weeks after the action.                                          

Contact: valmaende_folkmotfossilgas@protonmail.com